Overlooking the salt water marsh.

Overlooking the salt water marsh.

They said we were crazy!

And they were probably right! It does take a certain amount of lunacy to become a farmer in your late 50’s. But that’s exactly what we set out to do. So, overlooking the marshes of coastal South Carolina, and nestled alongside Meggett Creek, we set down roots and began to take back some overgrown farm fields, utilizing our tribe of dairy goats to clear out the overgrowth and vines.

We raise and breed French Alpine dairy goats, tend to our flock of laying hens that eat only organic feed and wander our pastures all day long, doing what chickens do best. We also have bees and we’re quite anxious for our first honey harvest season. As we clear land we are starting the planting of our food forest.

Because much of our mission is educational, we also offer ways for the public to interact with our farm by offering tours, school programs, workshops and some fun activities, such as baby goat cuddling and our popular Maaa-maste Goat Yoga season from March through May.

We currently sell eggs from our hens and goat milk soaps and plan to have crops available starting in 2019. We look forward to seeing you at the farm.